Dalcon Hygiene environment responsibility: Plant based ingredients, biodegrabable, sustainable palm oil, paraben free, phosphate free, not tested on animals, vegan friendle, australian made

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we would like to share how our company is contributing to minimizing the effects of our ecological footprint.

We highly prioritize the ecosystem and for that reason, 85% of our products are Biodegradable. We’ve opted for modern alternatives that can readily break down in the environment as well as adhering to the Australian Standards for Biodegradability of Surfactants (AS4351: 1996).

Palm oil is widely used as a surfactant in cleaning products like detergents, floor cleaners, and soaps. Unfortunately, palm oil production has strong negative impacts on the environment, causing changes in the ecosystem such as soil erosion and climate change which threaten native species and indigenous communities. At Dalcon Hygiene, we have decided to use superior, sustainable, raw materials wherever possible, to preserve huge areas of rainforest and protect native species from large-scale deforestation.

We have replaced Parabens with safer preservatives to prevent dermatitis, as Nitin has mentioned in the article Biodegradable Cleaners Market “Traditional cleaners are comprised of harsh chemicals associated with various diseases such as cancers, respiratory ailments, reproductive disorders, and eye or skin irritation”. As well as an upregulation of estrogenic activity after the exposure to some Parabens.

Furthermore, we have opted for Phosphate free alternatives wherever possible. The introduction of phosphates into aqueous environments acts as a fertiliser for algae, resulting in an over-growth of algae, commonly called algae bloom. This reduces the water quality which can lead to decreased biodiversity and toxicity of the water source.

Due to our commitment to seeking Phosphate free alternatives, we now use a wide range of products that are Phosphate free such as disinfectants, odour neutraliser, window cleaner and additional products specifically used in the hospitality, healthcare, education and laundry industries.

In addition to our commitment to the environment, we are also dedicated to improving our sustainable manufacturing techniques by increasing our use of renewable resources that can replace coal, oil and natural gas across our production, packaging, and delivery with clean, safe and reliable power which has a minimal footprint.

As a result, we switched to renewable sources with an optimum level where the solar power is operating approximately 50 kw/hr of clean energy to power all our manufacturing operations.


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