Peristaltic pumps for warewash dosing

  • In heavy-duty commercial dishwashing and glasswashing applications operating for over 50 hours per week, choose the dual-pump WareDose 35 compact chemical dosing system for an intuitive, precise and reliable solution.
  • Featuring a modern, clean and professional design, the WareDose 35’s polished white casing houses a robust, durable system that’s ideally suited to detergent and rinse aid dosing in demanding food-service environments.
  • WareDose 35 is controlled by a powerful microprocessor – providing intuitive programming via LED display – and has been designed with SEKO’s patented auto-calibration technology which detects and maintains solution concentration via a conductivity sensor.


  • SEKO patented auto calibrating dosing method for detergent.
  • Outer casing features integrated front keys for rapid access.
  • Self-holding hinge allows for easy access to pumps.
  • 3 rollers and big ball bearing on the motor shaft interface guarantee improved axial effort enhancing both tube and motor lifespan by 15% – 20%
  • Edgeless squeeze rollers make tube replacement safer.
  • Tube replacement time cut by up to 50%
  • Large fixing bracket with safety release lever guarantees easy and accurate installation.
  • High grade plastic hinge and polyurethane seals provide IP65 classification.


Dishwasher chemical dosing pump in kitchen

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