A standard strength dishwashing liquid with excellent grease removal properties that leave a shiny, streak-free finish.

A non-corrosive, foaming detergent formulated for use in boning rooms and any food area where a cold fat removing cleaner is required. Green colour, lemon scented.

A broad spectrum 2% quaternary disinfectant that is effective on bacteria, fungi, viruses and, mycobacteria. Removes potentially harmful and odour causing micro-organisms. Suitable for use on a range of surfaces, wherever sanitation and odour control is required.




Pro-foam benefits from two powerful cleaning agents: sodium hydroxide – a highly active alkaline degreaser that cuts through build up grease and oil and; sodium hypochlorite – which removes harmful, odour causing bacteria leaving surfaces sanitised and disinfected. Pro-foam foams when mixed with water allowing for easy use and removal. It is ideal for food preparation areas, stainless steel surfaces and, any areas in need of degreasing and sanitation. Best use in foam application.

Contains >30% Sodium Hydroxide. A highly alkaline foaming degreaser suitable for the cleaning of ovens and grills. Very effective in the removal of grease, fats, oils, burnt food and, other tough dirt without the need for scrubbing and won’t damage surfaces. The low irritant odour makes it ideal for use in busy kitchens. *Do not use on aluminium surfaces.

Contains 6% sodium hypochlorite. General purpose cleaner that sanitises and disinfects by removing bacteria, fungi and mould, which in turn eliminates odours.

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