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If you’re starting a cleaning business or simply looking to diversify your company’s offerings, a chemical manufacturer’s product catalogue might appear to be a bit of a daunting place. At Dalcon Hygiene, we manufacture over 150 different products, each with a specific use application. These products range from beer line cleaners for pubs through to brake and wheel cleaners for mechanics. However, many comprehensive cleaning jobs can be achieved with just 5 to 10 products (which should always be handled as intended – for more information click here). The following list showcases 8 simple and effective products for a sparkling clean result – each designed for a different purpose. 

Overwhelmed By The Sheer Range Of Cleaning Chemicals? Start With These 8 Simple and Effective Products!

Swish is one of Dalcon Hygiene’s most popular products! A multi-purpose cleaner that effortlessly lifts oils, grease and dirt from a range of surfaces, the tough formula is perfect for use on floors, walls and benches. Swish is the ultimate heavy-duty cleaner, perfect for any industry where a tough, alkaline-boosted clean is required. 

Inject is a concentrated carpet shampoo designed to either be diluted and sprayed directly onto carpet or placed in hot water carpet cleaning systems. It facilitates the removal of soils and stains in carpets, leaving them clean and lightly scented. Inject has a neutral pH level of 7, which means that it is suitable for most types of carpets, including wool, blends and synthetic fibres.

Baclean is another of Dalcon Hygiene’s most popular products. A heavy-duty bathroom and toilet cleaner, Baclean is boosted with the cleaning power of phosphoric acid to remove stains, discolouration and scale from porcelain and stainless-steel surfaces. Its thick consistency creates greater contact time which easily removes even the toughest stains from bathroom surfaces. Baclean is odourless, so you can rest assured that your bathroom won’t have a pungent chlorine smell following its use. 

All Purpose Cleaner is a lightly lemon-scented special blend of cleaning agents that cuts through grease, oil and dirt, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Fast and extremely easy to use, All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for use on a range of surfaces. Whether used with a mop and bucket for floors or a sponge for benchtops, All Purpose Cleaner is exactly what it says it is – an All Purpose Cleaner!

Abrasive Cream Cleaner combines a special blend of cleaning agents with a fine grit to polish and clean surfaces leaving, them sparkling and shiny. Its thick, creamy consistency is easy to use and is ideal for ceramic and porcelain surfaces, stainless steel benchtops and appliances, and even pots and pans. 

Lotion Laundry Liquid is a concentrated laundry liquid formulated with whitening and brightening agents to enhance fibres. It is formulated without any harsh chemicals, meaning it will not damage or weaken the fibres in fabrics. With a refreshing chrysalis fragrance, Lotion Laundry Liquid leaves loads clean and lightly scented. Ideal for use in personal or commercial settings, Lotion Laundry Liquid works effectively in both top and front-loader machines. 

Fabric Softener is a softening agent designed to be used in the last cycle of a machine wash. Fabric Softener helps prevent fungal and bacterial growth, and leaves fabric soft and lightly scented. It can be used in either hot or cold water and works effectively in both front and top loading machines. 

Ultra Clean is designed to be the first step of the laundry process. A concentrated stain remover and degreaser, Ultra Clean easily removes tough stains and oil from fabrics. Once applied, Ultra Clean works fast to lift stains from fabrics prior to the machine wash cycle. Ultra Clean can also be used in the wash cycle, in hot or cold water and either a front or top loading machine. 

As always, Dalcon Hygiene have a team of experts on hand to provide assistance and direction for your specific needs. While the 8 simple and effective products listed above are among our most popular, there may be a more appropriate solution for your needs among other areas of our offerings. Additionally, Dalcon Hygiene offers technical support and assistance for using chemical concentrates, including information on how to ensure you are diluting chemical concentrates correctly. If you would like to explore Dalcon’s product offerings and have a solution tailored specifically to your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team!

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