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Dalcon Hygiene is delighted to announce that we have been officially approved as a COVIDSafe business! The diligence of our team members in ensuring that safer processes and better hygiene protocols have been established and maintained has resulted in our organisation receiving official accreditation from the New South Wales Government. As a business that houses warehouse, logistics and office staff on the same site, Dalcon has chosen to implement one separate Covid-19 Safety Plan for each, ensuring that each department strictly adheres to its plan in order to keep ourselves, our distributors and our customers as safe as we possibly can during this time.

Visitors to Dalcon’s manufacturing plant or office will henceforth be required to sign in using a form that can be accessed via QR code on their own mobile device. This move reinforces Dalcon’s commitment to minimising the volume of high touch-point objects and surfaces within our premises. As part of our commitment to health and safety, Dalcon has also established a maximum capacity threshold for each of the components of our organisation. Our office can carry a maximum of 250 people, our warehouse can take 1000 people and our shipping bay can hold 425 people.


As a company that deals largely in personal and professional hygiene, our track record of keeping things clean and sanitised was already substantially high before Covid-19 hit. However, given our knowledge of the potency and potential for widespread and rapid contamination, we have double down on our efforts since earlier this year. Our staff are constantly equipped with high-quality 3-layered Medical Surgical Face Masks, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a desk or workspace without at least one bottle of I-Fresh Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser.

We’d like to assure our customers that we are putting in the utmost effort to ensure both our and their health and well-being should they choose to visit us on site.

Get CovidSafe Approved Today!

CovidSafe accreditation is available to businesses across Australia and is easily attainable for organisations that make a solid commitment to maintaining a high degree of personal and organisational hygiene in the workplace. To get started accrediting your business, click here.


Step 1: Create a Covid-19 Safety Plan for your Business​

In order to become accredited by your respective state government as a CovidSafe organisation, you must create a Covid-19 Safety Plan for each applicable element of your business. As previously mentioned, Dalcon has warehousing, logistics and office-based components to our business on site, and as such we have created a separate Covid-19 Safety Plan for each. This is crucial, as some elements presented in the office-based Safety Plan are not applicable to logistics, and vice versa.

The Safety Plan will ask a business owner or representative to provide actionable tasks for a list of criteria related to minimizing and mitigating the spread of Covid-19. In order to gain accreditation, your business must create these actions and commit to maintaining them throughout the duration of the pandemic.

To the left is an example of the Dalcon Office Covid-19 Safety Plan. The Safety Plan covers topics such as the health and wellbeing of staff, physical distancing guidelines, hygiene and cleaning guidelines and recommendations for record keeping and communication plans should your business face an unfortunate instance in which a staff member or visitor tests positive for Covid-19.

Step 2: Register as a CovidSafe Business

Creating Covid-19 Safety Plans shows your employees and customers that you are wholeheartedly committed to their safety and wellbeing. Once your Covid-19 Safety Plans have been created, you may proceed to the registration aspect of the accreditation process. It is this accreditation that symbolises that commitment.

Upon registration, you will receive some handy resources from your respective state government. Firstly, you will receive a digital COVID Safe badge which can be used on your Google My Business page, website, and social media channels. You will also receive access to print resources such as posters and infographics that can be printed and displayed around your workspace to remind your customers and employees not only that you are accredited, but that you have collectively made a commitment to health and safety that all employees and visitors must adhere to. Finally, the government will provide you with reports on how your customers rate your business safety so that you may make improvements on shortcomings that may not have been immediately apparent.

Step 3: Show Your COVIDSafe Status

Upon approval, you will be able to download and display COVIDSafe posters to make your customers and staff feel confident that they are safe when entering your premises. As part of your recording, consider having customers use a contact-less method to register their visit in your store. Here at Dalcon, we are using a system involving a QR code (which visitors can scan with their own mobile device, removing the need to use a shared writing implement like a pen or pencil) that leads them to a digital form. This form collects the visitor’s details and timestamps their visit, allowing us to know when they came and which areas of the building they accessed. In the unlikely event that someone at Dalcon does test positive, it is through this form we will be able to communicate with potentially impacted individuals.


Being a COVIDSafe business does not stop with accreditation. Ultimately, by creating a set of Covid-19 Safety Plans, you are not only creating a positive image for your organisation, but also making a commitment to your immediate environment. It is vitally essential that the training and standards you implement in order to gain COVIDSafe accreditation be maintained after receiving accreditation as it is the collective responsibility of all of us to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our staff, customers, vendors and other visitors is of the utmost importance at all times.


Dalcon Hygiene have a range of certified products to assist you with obtaining COVIDSafe status for your business.

Dalcon Hygiene have a range of products to assist you with obtaining COVIDSafe status for your business.


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