Handling chemicals guide Dalcon Hygiene

    • When you come in contact with chemical substances, it is strongly advised to take necessary measures to ensure personal and environmental safety. On many occasions the main cause of accidents is due to training, that’s why we offer you this useful guide that will allow you to understand the important aspects of handling chemicals.
  1. Identify the product It is important to have previous awareness of the product before using it, and to know if it is hazardous or not, please refer to the information guide and SDS.
  2.  Ensure that the product has a label Read and understand all label information and interpret the pictograms
  3.  Wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) Wear all required PPE (Personal protective equipment) as indicated on the SDS. It is important to use the right equipment prior to the use of chemical products.
  4.  Do not mix It is very dangerous to mix two or more chemical products in the same container; the reaction could be unpredictable.
  5.  Dilute cleaning chemicals correctly Observe the manufacturer instructions for dilution rates; never store chemicals or products in unmarked containers.
  6.  Know what to do in case of emergency Act immediately and report the issue to your supervisor. For spills, remove spills as indicated on the SDS.
  7.  No smoking Do not smoke next to chemicals or flammable products.
  8. Ventilation Make sure there is adequate ventilation when you are handling chemicals.
  9.  Any doubts, stop! If you have any doubts about handling the chemical or product, stop and ask your supervisor. A simple oversight can cause any unwanted accident.
  10.  Wash exposed skin Wash hands or exposed skin after handling chemicals or cleaning products.

Finally, remember that understanding the characteristics of each product can prevent accidents. Feel free to call our customer service team on 02 9604 1155 if you require any assistance or advice about our products.


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