Clean commercial kitchen Dalcon Hygiene products

It is essential to maintain kitchen hygiene to minimize the risks of food contamination and the spread of germs. In the hospitality industry, such as hotels and restaurants, have an overall responsibility for keeping the kitchen clean by performing a thorough clean daily to prevent potential hazards in accordance with the Australian code of Food Safety Practices and General Requirements. In this article, you will find the proper method to clean an industrial kitchen with the ideal products in order to obtain the best results. These are our suggestions for an effective clean in a commercial kitchen:

  • Oven and grill: We highly recommend our top selling product Sumo, which is a premium super concentrated degreaser that is very effective in removing grease, fats, oils, burnt food and dirt without the scrubbing or damaging the surfaces.
  • Stainless steel sink: Make your stainless steel sink shine with our Abrasive Cleaner, Simply place directly onto the surface and rub in circular motions with a cloth. Once clean rinse well with water.
  • Dishwashing machine: De-Scaler is the best option to clean and maintain your dishwasher as it easily removes scale, grease and grime, without damaging or deteriorating the machine. Remember that a clean dishwasher produces cleaner dishes.
  • Floors & walls: Commercial Floor Cleaner, a special blend of cleaning agents that easily cuts through grease, oil and dirt but gentle on surfaces.

As we know, kitchen’s have areas that require special care and treatment like degreasing and removing stubborn grease and grime. For this reason, we recommend you be consistent in your cleaning and use the adequate products of each area to obtain the best results.


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