• A high-strength laundry sanitiser designed for use in commercial laundry machines.
  • Highly effective in removing bacteria and stains from laundry.
  • Cleans and sanitises laundry items without damaging fibres.

Directions for use

  • DO NOT place Oxy Powder directly onto laundry items.
  • In a small cup, dilute Oxy Powder with water and add to machine as it is filling, OR add undiluted powder to washing machine when full with water.
  • Run machine as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The amount of Oxy Powder used can be adjusted depending on size and degree of soiling on laundry items.

Additional Information

pH Level pH: 10
Sizes 20Kg
Scent No Scent
Applications Designed for general washing in commercial laundry in hot or cold water.

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